A Day in Agriculture – how agriculture affects the US economy in positive ways

                       What do 6.5 Billion People                      Have in Common?


“The Average American is four generations removed from farming as a way of life”

As your battle to harvest more acres and feed the world’s growing population continues, Farm Journal Media is launching its first-ever “A Day in Agriculture” to spread the positive ways all of you within agriculture touch the U.S. economy.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011, join in watching us capture a snapshot of one day in agriculture by providing cross-country coverage and focusing on how one day of agriculture impacts billions of people.

Farm Journal Media editors will span the country to deliver agriculture’s story. They have also recruited others in agriculture to share their stories.

Tune in September 29 on www.AgWeb.com.

                             Be a Part of AgWeb’s                                “A Day in Agriculture”

Farmers, ranchers and others who love agriculture are what make it such a great industry. Be proud of your agricultural contributions and be part of AgWeb’s coverage on Sept. 29, 2011.

 grocery store

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Send a video showing what you’re doing on the farm that day
  • Submit several photos with captions of your farm
  • Tweet live updates of what you are doing that day (#dayinag)
  • Call in to the AgWeb editors and provide an audio update
  • Post a status on Facebook as to how you are involved in agriculture
  • Provide a blog-like submission of your life on the farm

Join the fun! Upload your photos, videos and more here.

http://www.agweb.com/day_in_ag.aspx                        farmerDairy Family “Families working together, a way of life where hard work pays off.”


Contact AgWeb’s Sara Schafer at sschafer@farmjournal.com 
or (573) 581-6387.

✤          ✤            ✤

Generation Farmers of Southwest Iowa would like to thank Farm Journal for putting this kind of a sharing event together 

Generation Farmers:

If you are able, please send the Farm Journal your photos and your stories.

a little crop still on the vine

Generation Farmers of Southwest Iowa are filled with gratitude for all farmers and the land on which we grow crops.

Please join us for our shared time together and information sharing time in April 2012 ➡

April 20-22, 2012 in southwest Iowa ➡ details to follow

Please send your questions about the Generation Farmers of Southwest Iowa  to MillsLegacy@gmail.com

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